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Two men standing at fish market. Both wear face masks.

Fish Story: Luis Solís

May 6, 2020
Luis Solís, born and raised in the commune of Renca, is a tireless worker and champion for his community, dedicated to working with small scale producers and businesses to improve food supply chains and access to nutritious food for all Chileans. Over the course of his career in both the private and public sectors, he observed a lack of connection and organization between workers causing inefficiencies in the food supply system, as well as a growing concern over the declining nutrition, health, and wellbeing of his fellow Chileans. Luis’s passion for finding solutions to these two issues drive the work he does today.
Head-and-shoulders photograph of Diego Undurraga

Meet the team: Q&A with Diego Undurraga

May 5, 2020

Diego, Future of Fish's Latin America Business Innovations Lead, joined us a last year after a series of positions in the marine resource management and sustainable fishing field. 

Diego earned his Master's degree in Environmental Science and Management from the Bren School at the University of California in Santa Barbara with a specialization in Coastal Marine Resources. He has worked as a researcher on projects ranging from human rights abuses on fisheries on a global scale, to the social-ecological adaptive capacity to climate change for small scale fishing communities in Chile and Mexico. We asked Diego a few questions about his background, and what he’s looking forward to this year with Future of Fish:

Comunicado de prensa: Llamada a la Acción: Future of Fish responde a COVID-19

May 5, 2020
Abril 30, 2020 Durante una pandemia mundial, ¿qué sucede con los pescadores de mundo? Esta semana, el ONG Future of Fish anunció sus planes para apoyar a los pescadores y a las comunidades pesqueras en este momento sin precedente. La propagación y los efectos devastadores de la pandemia COVID-19 han paralizado un gran parte del mundo. Pero los peces siguen nadando como de costumbre, y los pescadores a menor escala de todo el mundo siguen dependiendo de los océanos para su sustento, y la seguridad alimentaria de sus comunidades. Pero los pescadores están en aprietos, dado que miles de millones de personas están confinadas en sus casas, la economía mundial está en crisis, las cadenas de suministro se han interrumpido, y ya no pueden vender o distribuir su pescado como de costumbre.

PRESS RELEASE: Called to Action: Future of Fish responds to COVID-19

April 30, 2020
During a global pandemic, what happens to the world’s fishermen? This week, nonprofit Future of Fish announced its plans for supporting fishers and fishing communities in this unprecedented time.
 The spread and devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought much of the world to a standstill. But fish are still swimming as usual, and small-scale fishers around the globe still depend on the oceans for their livelihood, and their communities’ food security.
Black and white photo of Juliana Tadano in front of blurry background

Meet the team: Q&A with Juliana Tadano

April 7, 2020

Juliana Tadano is a graduate student in the University of Washington’s Executive Masters in Policy and Administration through the Evans school. She recently joined Future of Fish to provide operations and communications support and to gain experience in the NGO and sustainable fisheries worlds.

Juliana has project management experience in stormwater municipal permit management, freshwater environmental consulting, and green building, and over a decade of experience in marketing, small business operations, systems development, data analysis, and program development. We asked Juliana a few questions about her background, and what she's looking forward to at Future of Fish: