What makes us unique

On paper, we’re a non-profit fishery transformation organization with a mission to end overfishing.

In practice, we’re more than that.

We’re an eclectic bunch that includes design thinkers, entrepreneurs, business consultants and scientists.

While we have decades of experience in seafood and fisheries development, our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also have backgrounds in structured finance, technology, carbon trading, renewables, forest conservation and asset development.

As a team, we’re fascinated by complex problems, and our approach to tackling them is informed by our diversity.

Throughout all we do, we are led by—and live out—our values, every day.

Meet our team

Peter Battisti

Executive Director

Julie Budkowski

Operations Director

Laura Fernández Cascán

Director, Blended Finance and Business Innovation

Cheryl Dahle

Founder and Advisor

Chris Giordano

Program Manager, Peru

Iván Greco

Research & Implementation Lead, Chile

Marah Hardt

Director of Discovery

Momo Kochen

Director, Global Programs

Fiona Lugo-Mulligan

Traceability Program Director

Cristina Rocca

Sustainable Business Analyst

Charles Steinback

Director, Business Development

Gretchen Thuesen

Program Manager

Diego Undurraga

Business Innovations Lead, Latin America

How to work with us

We don't do it alone.
We partner with fishers, seafood businesses, NGOs, investors, governments and technologists alike. Our partners bring cutting-edge ideas for transformation, rooted in deep expertise from across and beyond the seafood supply chain. Partners include:

ABALOBI  |  Agrupaciòn Social Jaiberos de San Antonio  |  Coastal Routes 
COOPDUAO  |  Feria y Mar  |  Feriasonline  |  Fishwise  | 
National Fisherman's Cooperative Society Ltd  |  One Earth Future
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission  |  SALT
Servicio Nacional de Pesca y Acuicultura  |  The Nature Conservancy Belize
Sindicato de Pescadores de caleta San Pedro de Concón  |  WWF Peru

Interested in joining us? If you'd like to partner, we’d love to hear from you.