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Peru Poised for Supply Chain Innovation- versión en Español a abajo

July 5, 2018

Part 2 of our series “From Management to Markets”

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We last left you in Peru where our team explored two fishing communities with different cultural histories and supply chains. Both of these fishing communities had introduced self-imposed closures and put mechanisms in place to reduce unregulated and open access fishing practices in order to preserve their resources and improve community livelihoods.

Q&A With Seleni Cruz

June 26, 2018
Seleni has been working on conservation in Mexico and northern Central America since 2013. During her time with The Nature Conservancy, she worked on various sustainable fisheries management projects including design of marine protected areas, economic alternatives, seaweed aquaculture, traceability and adaptive management framework.

Q&A With Shannon McDiarmid

June 18, 2018
Shannon is a seafood sustainability and business expert with over 10 years of experience in tackling complex and meaningful challenges in global seafood supply chains. Shannon works with international stakeholders to create transparent, aligned, transformative supply chains to create new market opportunities and value chain improvements. Shannon’s strategic and systems lens is grounded in operational expertise. Previously, Shannon was the President and Director of Safety and Sustainability at a seafood distribution company, where she was responsible for the performance and strategic plan of the company as well as all safety and sustainability programs and initiatives.

A Tale of Two (Self-Managed) Fishing Communities In Peru - versión en Español a abajo

May 22, 2018
Part I of our series “From Management to Markets”
Only a few hours from Lima (depending on the traffic!) lies Ancon, a small fishing port turned tourist destination, where local fishers have broken with a long-standing open-access model to set fishing closures and other self-enforced regulations as a way to preserve their resource.

Insights into Advancing Seafood Traceability—A (Snowy) Update

May 17, 2018
When the howling blizzard dropped two feet of snow on Boston, the resultant large drifts blocking the sidewalks were a perfect metaphor for our Seafood Expo North America panel topic that day: the barriers to seafood traceability technology adoption…and the strategies that can overcome them. 
Our colleagues from the Seafood Traceability Collaboration, along with special guest, Roxanne Nanninga from Thai Union, kicked off the session by sharing stories from the field regarding the stuck points they encountered and the poten