From June 6-26, our PPE for Fisheries campaign is raising money to support small fishing villages with the necessary personal protective equipment and sanitation resources they need safely harvest and sell seafood, providing fish, a vital source of nutrition, to the Peruvian population.


Learn more about the urgent need for PPE, and how you can help, here:


Other ways we're supporting fishers during COVID-19

Small scale fishers play a vital role in food security, and they make up 90% of seafood workers globally. But COVID-19 has disrupted fisher's livelihoods and ability to support their families and communities.

In late April, Future of Fish announced a number of new initiatives we have launched to support small scale fishers in response to COVID in Peru, Chile and Belize that include:
  • Supporting markets with technology platforms to get fish to people

  • Working in partnership to implement direct to consumer apps

  • Debunking myths and helping increase fish consumption at home

But we can’t do this without your help. That's why we're asking you to donate.

Your investment will help us coach a small scale fisher through relief applications, keep seafood — the primary protein source for populations at greatest risk — flowing to markets, and provide safe ways for the people to access food through leveraging new technologies. Your donation will support a small food producer through access to resources that will enable them to weather this storm, maintain their livelihood and continue to feed their families.


More about Future of Fish

Future of Fish is a systems-driven organization: we tackle the problems of overfishing and threatened coastal communities through cross-sector collaborations, strategic innovation, and building the necessary capacity and structures to create impact at scale. Crucially, all our work is grounded in the principles of listening to and respecting the communities we work with.

Our work is complex but essential, and we can’t do it alone. Foundations and philanthropists invest in our projects but there’s a missing element: you. Individual contributions help us respond quickly to the dynamic needs of our community partners, and demonstrate our own community’s engagement with our mission. With your donation, we can expand our impact in 2020, facilitate investment in community-lead innovations, and convene the creative collaborations necessary to drive positive impact in coastal communities.

If you have questions about donating or would like to know more, please contact