The Fisheye

The Midas Touch: Creating Golden Opportunities from Undervalued Fish

April 3, 2014
Talking trash on the docks is nothing new. But talking how to turn “trash fish”— fish that comes up in the net that is in less demand—into treasured bounty is a different story. And the idea offers hope for creating new markets that can benefit both fishers and fish.

The "IT" Thing in Seafood

March 20, 2014
Since the 1950s, the technology for catching, processing, and physically moving seafood across the globe has undergone a dramatic sophistication. However, as Sunday morning’s press conference organized by Norpac Industry revealed, the enormous activity enabled by those technological innovations has not been matched by high-tech information systems.

Human Rights and Seafood: Sustainability Means Ending Slavery, Too

March 20, 2014
Walking the floor of Seafood Expo North America, the fabulous displays of fish from around the world are pure eye candy for any seafood lover. What those colorful fillets don’t reveal, however, are the human rights abuses that currently mar the global seafood trade.

Storied Fish Featured on New Sustainable Seafood Channel

March 15, 2014
This week, triple-bottom-line online site Triple Pundit, launched Sustainable Seafood: the Business of a Healthier Catch. And if the first article in the series is representative of what’s to come, this channel promises to push the envelope on how we re-imagine solutions to overfishing.

Markets Matter in Designing Solutions to Complex Problems

February 11, 2014
There’s a new opportunity to learn how to design to save the world: a $10K scholarship from MFA Design for Social Innovation. Just announced, the scholarship honors the three decades of innovative and inspiring work by Paul Polak to transform traditional approaches to poverty alleviation.