We listen closely on the ground

and learn from the system to uncover insights, stuck points and opportunities that inform our strategy.

We co-create custom solutions

by working with stakeholders and funders to design strategic interventions in fisheries systems.

We help implement and scale

by partnering with embedded allies over the long term to create change and lasting impact.

The Fisheye Lens

Laura Fernández Cascán sitting on a boat, floating on a river in Peru

Meet the team: Q&A with Laura Fernández Cascán

February 5, 2020

Laura is passionate about innovative business models and cross-sector collaboration for inclusive and sustainable livelihoods that value diversity and nature. She believes in a future that is inclusive, regenerative and circular, where systemic leadership will be fundamental. She is eager to collaborate and put capital to work for people and the planet!

A group of fishers unload a box of hake on a dock in Chile.

Fish on the move in Chile

January 28, 2020
In December, our team members Iván and Diego were in Chile to witness a momentous event: the journey of a crate of fish from San Antonio to Santiago. This one small transaction may be only a 70 mile journey for the fish, but it reflects a giant step in our work to test new models to support fishing communities and sustainable fisheries around the world.

Pesca consciente, ceviche por siempre

December 12, 2019
Peruvian cuisine is synonymous with seafood. From ceviche to arroz con mariscos to grilled octopus, seafood is one area where local ingredients—and chefs—truly shine. What may come as a surprise is that despite the deep love of seafood, sustainable and traceable seafood movements are still very nascent in Peru.