Understanding Costs for Traceability Technology Implementation

A lack of data about the costs associated with scoping, implementing, and using traceability technology systems has created a major barrier to traceability adoption.  Seafood companies either are unable to move forward due to a lack of information with which to plan, or resist engaging in the process based on the assumption that the costs are prohibitive.

The True Costs of Traceability Implementation tool helps overcome this barrier by providing information about the basic categories of cost associated with the process of researching, selecting, implementing, and continuing to utilize a traceability technology solution.   Based on interviews with seafood companies and technology vendors, this tool provides:

  • An overview of the categories of both direct and indirect costs associated with the traceability implementation process
  • Detailed breakdown of example labor and financial costs for different steps in the scoping and implementation process.

This tool is meant to provide an overview of all potential costs; however, as each journey to adopt and implement traceability technology is different, the costs will vary for every case.  The good news is that many of the resources provided in the Seafood Industry Traceability Toolkit can help companies plan for and in some cases, reduce those costs. For example, the Request for Proposal (RFP) tool is a one-stop shop to guide seafood companies through an expedited and more effective technology vendor evaluation and selection process.

How to Use the Tool

The infographic is an interactive tool that provides an overview of major cost categories and related sub-categories.  Click on any of the major cost categories and a pop-up table will appear with detailed descriptions of each cost category. Included in the database are example and/or cost ranges (financial or time/effort), as well as insight from seafood industry actors and technology vendors about the specific cost.  Click on the pop-up table to zoom in.

Due to the enormous variability in seafood companies and their supply chains, we emphasize that the cost estimates provided in the pop-up tables are EXAMPLES of known costs based on interviews with seafood companies and technology vendors; they are by no means proscriptive or comprehensive. Actual costs will differ for each company depending on multiple factors and we advise all companies to perform their own research.