Taking the First Steps

Taking the first steps towards traceability technology implementation

The journey to adopt traceability technology is a winding path, marked by multiple decision points. The following overview breaks down this process into four basic steps to help seafood companies and their trading partners prepare for and engage in traceability technology adoption. This high-level roadmap summarizes the more detailed guidance provided within the full “Taking The First Steps Towards Full-chain Seafood Traceability: A Preliminary Guide For Industry."


We recommend all organizations on the hunt for traceability solutions undergo these steps prior to committing to any specific technology solution.

Active links to all underlined resources in the infographic are provided at the bottom of the webpage, or in the downloadable PDF version in the sidebar. 



a) 6 Principles of Effective Traceability for Wild Capture

b) 5 Core Functions of Robust Traceability

c) Internal and External Traceability Capacity

d) Advisory Note for the UK Supply Chain

e) RFP Process (coming soon)

f) Comprehensive Document "Taking the First Steps Towards Full-Chain Traceability: a Preliminary Guide for Industry"

g) Additional Resources