Leveraging Data & Tech to Defend Against Potential Fraud

How traceability technology can reduce the risk of fraud in seafood supply chains

The nature of seafood products and their lengthy and complex global supply chains present opportunities for fraud to occur anywhere, by anyone. Given that full-chain traceability is rare for seafood, most fraud is never detected. Thus, upstanding businesses can become complicit in fraudulent activity by unknowingly sourcing and selling dishonest fish (which is virtually indistinguishable from honest fish). Seafood fraud also creates an unlevel playing field, where corrupt individuals and unscrupulous companies gain unfair competitive advantage over those attempting to play by the rules.
The following tool was created to (1) call attention to the manifold ways in which fraud is committed throughout the otherwise legitimate seafood supply chain; and (2) highlight how individual companies can defend against fraud and reduce their risk by prioritizing traceability data and technology.