Eric Enno Tamm

Vancouver, Canada

Co-founder and General Manager, ThisFish at Ecotrust Canada


Eric Enno Tamm is the team leader for traceability initiatives at Ecotrust Canada, a Vancouver-based charitable nonprofit that launched the seafood traceability system ThisFish in 2010.

Prior to working on ThisFish, Eric was head of communications for Ecotrust Canada and executive director of the Coastal Community Network, an advocacy group in British Columbia. Eric grew up in the commercial fishing industry on Vancouver Island and has worked in the harvesting and processing sectors, and has authored several reports on sustainable fisheries and ITQ systems. Eric is also an author, whose first book, a biography of famed marine ecologist Ed Ricketts, was a Kiriyama Prize Notable Book in 2005. His second book won the Ottawa Book Award for Nonfiction in 2011.