Sex in the Sea Valentine's Date Night

Monday, February 15, 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET (via Zoom)

This Valentine’s Day, Future of Fish is proud to present a salacious but socially-distanced evening with sex in the sea expert (and Sex in the Sea author) Dr Marah Hardt. Join us for Sex in the Sea Valentine’s Date Night to learn about the complicated mating rituals of armored lobsters, full moon grouper sex parties, the underwater threesomes of right whales, and more.

When it comes to creative copulation, our underwater cousins have us beat. What’s more, the sex lives of fish are essential for the health of our oceans, ecosystems, and climate. 
During this online event, Dr Hardt will share stories of the strange, saucy, and sometimes slimy strategies that ocean creatures use to find partners and procreate. You’ll also learn how sex in the sea relates to wider conservation issues, and why it’s important to ensure the ocean remains a safe place for fish to mate. You’ll also be invited to ask questions, share terrible puns, and chat with Marah and your fellow Sex in the Sea attendees.

Sex in the Sea Valentine’s Date Night is the perfect date night event for couples, singles, and friends. All proceeds benefit Future of Fish, and help support the resiliency of coastal communities and ocean based economies.

This is an 18+ event!

Any questions? Get in touch.

Want a sneak peak? Check out Dr Hardt's TEDx talk for a preview: