PPE for Peru fishing communities


In Peru, small scale fisheries play a critical role in food security, supplying approximately 95% seafood consumed domestically. Sourcing of PPE and sanitation resources for businesses to open safely has been difficult in the developed world and even harder in countries like Peru where it is urgently needed. Future of Fish plans to support small fishing villages with the necessary tools to safely open for business and provide fish, a vital source of nutrition, to the Peruvian population.

The Challenge

Fishers are essential workers, but in villages like La Islilla - where lack of medical infrastructure means that COVID spread would be catastrophic - even essential fishing is too risky without proper PPE. Roads to the village are closed and business is on pause to help avoid the high death rate that has plagued nearby towns. Before essential work can resume safely, La Islilla needs PPE and sanitation resources. Until then, livelihoods and access to supplies are restricted, with painful effects.

The Solution

At Future of Fish, we are working with our community partners to source the PPE necessary for fishing villages to protect themselves and open for business. Starting with La Islilla, we will provide essential supplies such as soap, cloth masks, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, bleach and thermometers. This will help the community stay safe and return to work in order to maintain their livelihoods and feed their families. We hope to grow this program to support nearby communities as well.

Long-Term Impact

In La Islilla, your donation will help over 300 fishers return to work and maintain their livelihoods. As we expand to new communities, your support will secure a supply chain for millions of people who rely on fisheries for food and nutrition, both in Peru and abroad. While this project is starting with immediate aid, we envision growing to help build capacity and support best practices in the community for long-term health and safety, while maintaining livelihoods and supporting food security.