The Fisheye

Fisher Tales: Telling the Story of Belize's National Fisher's Co-Op

May 8, 2018

Our last trip to Belize took our Global Implementation Manager, Kaitlyn Sephton, and a film crew from University of Washington's Communication Leadership Masters program on a fishing trip with members of the National Fisher's Co-Op in Belize City. This photobook follows them on their trip to make a mini documentary about the co-op we've been working with and the fishers who make their living on the water. 


Chilean Fisheries Government Data Modernization Workshop- versión en Español a abajo

May 5, 2018

Imagine a world where fisheries managers have at their fingertips access to robust, reliable catch data from the industry and scientific assessments, which they can use to analyze status of the stock, target enforcement efforts, and support seafood businesses through streamlined permitting and reporting processes. In this world, the seafood industry seamlessly and securely shares select data with governing agencies and with trading partners, improving management of stocks and gaining business efficiencies while reducing risk of IUU in their supply chain.

Going Digital: NFC Selects Traceability Technology Vendor in Belize

April 25, 2018

This is Part 2 in a series. For Part 1, click here

Top Five Takeaways from WOS 2018

March 16, 2018

Most folks who visit the Mayan Riviera go there for vacation; but if you are in the business of saving fish and fishing communities, Cancun was the place to be last week- not for the beaches, but for the opportunity to attend the World Ocean Summit. This conference attracts policy makers, economists, conservation funders, and technology innovators to engage in a dialogue about ocean challenges, form new collaborations, and make public commitments to improving our oceans. 

A few members of our Future of Fish team attended this year's event focused on three streams: sustainable seafood, climate change, and plastics. Running through discussions on all these topics were two themes: transparency and accountability. 

Navigating the Winding Road to Seafood Traceability

February 28, 2018

Traceability is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

The transition from paper to electronic traceability systems is a journey for any company. 
Several factors make this process especially difficult for the seafood industry, including the complexities of seafood supply chains, numerous product types, and concerns about data sharing and security.