The Team: Momo Kochen

Momo Kochen, Director, Global Programs

Momo brings a wealth of experience from field implementation of fisheries projects in South East Asia, enjoying the art of bringing complex theories and approaches to the fishery stakeholders and identifying ways to break these down and implement them in collaborative and manageable ways. With almost 10 years of experience, predominantly in small scale fisheries, Momo has successfully supported the implementation of Fisheries Improvement Projects, has supported the world's first Fair Trade USA Wild Capture Fisheries certification process and has coordinated national (Indonesia) and regional (ASEAN) policy and fisheries management initiatives. Traceability and improved data systems for small scale fisheries has been at the core of the work Momo has been involved in to date. Momo brings a practical and inclusive approach to 'on the ground' fisheries interventions and believes that this is the way to create sustainability within projects and ownership by stakeholders. Momo has an MSc in Fisheries and Marine Resources Management from Wageningen University, and a BSc Marine Science from the National University of Ireland, Galway.