The Team: Gretchen Thuesen

Gretchen Thuesen, Program Manager, Peru

Gretchen is a marine scientist and marine affairs specialist with 11 years of research experience. Her current position has allowed her to work at the intersection of fisheries management policy, marine science, and social science, where she combines these interests with her passion for global seafood sustainability by working to create sustainability solutions for complex systems and value chains.

Her expertise is in identifying quantitative and qualitative research needs and collectively planning, executing, and managing projects aimed at realizing both sustainable management and maximum value generation in fisheries of focus. Previously, she worked as a field scientist for 4 years on projects ranging from maintenance and deployment of oceanographic instruments to fisheries observing and sampling of catch data. She also has experience running a range of both laboratory and data analyses.

Gretchen received a Master of Marine Affairs (MMA) from the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs at University of Washington. Her thesis work entailed collaborating with Point 97, a fisheries-focused mobile technology firm, and examined how to transition a small-scale Indonesian tuna fishery from paper-based to digital data collection by integrating a mobile electronic system into dockside monitoring. She also holds a BS in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from University of Washington.