The Team: Charley Scull

Charley Scull, Senior Researcher

Charley is a cultural anthropologist who has worked in consumer insight and innovation spaces since 2005. His work has spanned a range of industries and focal lengths: from the granularity of package re-design and local issues like enhancing audience engagement for a botanical garden, to systemic questions about the amplification of sustainability practices in global fishing supply chains. More open-ended questions about chronic disease and the meaning of individual vehicle ownership in the age of sharing economies have also been part of the mix. Trained as a visual anthropologist, his visual sensibility and cultural sense-making remain core strengths of his approach. Inherently flexible, customizable and open-minded, these skills have served him well in his collaborations across a diverse spectrum of research topics and partnerships. Charley has partnered with the Future of Fish since it's inception in 2009, including projects in China, EU, Indonesia, Belize, and the US. Since 2011 Charley has been a partner at Practica Group, a consumer research and consulting firm that uses ethnographic methods to inform cultural analysis of consumer practices.